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I got the opposite of work not being done during my recent trip to the dealer.

The service writer said they can't do an alignment because my car is perfect, the work order specifically states that NO adjustments were made but my alignment sheet showed they did indeed adjust the front toe by quite a bit and the car drives so much better like night and day so even if I didn't get a sheet I would have known they did something.

The other side of the coin I had a Toyota Celica that had a miss I couldn't get rid of, my last attempt to fix it I bought a brand new set of cap and plug wires, it didn't get rid of the miss so I took the car to the dealer, they did several things and tried to charge me for cap and wire assembly claiming they found two of the plug boots had a cracks in them.
I asked to see the parts and the plug boots had greasy tennis shoes track marks on them plain as day where someone had stepped on them.
I knew it wasn't me because I had just installed them the day before and I would have noticed it, I argued about it and the tech came out and tried to claim he must have stepped on it after he discovered it was bad
I never went back there again.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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