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01 Outback H6 VDC, 97 GT wgn w/ ej22, 98 OBW w/ej22
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if you want to continue using them, the question i would ask the owner, general manager, and /or service manager is '' why should i do business with you? your people lied and tried to cheat me! ''

if this does not get you free service nothing will.

if you do not want to do business with them, complain to every one all the way up the chain, all the way to SOA. you might ask SOA ''why should i own a subaru if i'm going to be treated this way? i was never treated like this when i owned a honda.'' or toyota or ford or chevy.

for all you know it was the boss who told the tech to not bother rotating the tires. he may have been trying to reduce the time spent on your car and increase his numbers. it may have been the tech's idea, but maybe not.

and finally, every time you take your car in there, tell the guy who writes your ticket about what happened. '' you know, one time (or the last time) when i brought my car in here, i paid for service i did not get and i felt cheated."

policies, written and unwritten, change as managers come and go. you just never know. but when ever i see a new face or manager when dropping off my car, a make sure to let them know that i have had problems in the past and i expect fair pricing and quality service.

and in most repair shops, especially chain stores, the service writer and the tech both make a commission on any ''extra'' service they sell to you while you are there. anything not on your original they are always looking for problems and suggesting repairs. like at micky-d's, ''would you like fries with that.'' or at the movies, ''for 50 cents more you can get twice as much.''
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