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I own 4 Subarus. A 95,97,02 and a 14. The first two are 2.2 and the last two 2.5.
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I agree with grossgary's points. If you doubt the dealership, the only way to verify it is crawl under the front of the car with a very strong light, and look at the bottom of the head gasket. The leak point is normally on the driver's side at the rear of the motor. It's difficult to see but possible. It should not be wet with oil.

Alternately, you could go to another dealership. They probably would inspect for free. This time, however, ask to be allowed to look at the hg leak so you can be sure of it.

Unfortunately, $2500 is a common number for a dealership. One even wanted $3500 because they would have to also repair the muffler. I went to an Indi shop and it cost $1600 including the muffler.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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