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So I was thinking of debadging the car for a sleeker look on the rear, but I seem to have found that the badges actually insert into the rear hatch? They aren't just glued on as they initially that correct?
You're talking about the "Outback" and "Legacy" badges on the rear hatch, right?

I'm almost positive they're just attached with some strong adhesive. I know for sure that's the case on my 2004 (which has an "Outback" and "H6-3.0" badge on one side and an LL Bean Edition Emblem on the other). Pretty sure it's the same with the 1st gens, too.

We actually have two '98s (an Outback Limited and a Legacy GT Wagon), but neither are home right now, so I can't check them. One would be really easy to check, too, since part of the inside of the hatch is disassembled to try to figure out a latch issue. I'll look for you if one gets home before dark.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts