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Did my first tune up, ever.

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Can't believe I ever paid someone big money for that!

Plugs, wires, air filter, fuel filter, PCV valve in <2 hrs on a quite Sat morning.

Really enjoyed it and I definitely notice a difference.
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Say hi to lovely Asheville for me. I almost moved there - twice - and am missing it. A friend of mine just moved there - you'll probably see his brightly painted hippy 'Love Bus' cruisin' around town.

I would like to find a nice manual for the newbie at tuneups and repairs. Some of the crap out there is ridiculous. I looked at the Subie manual on changing endlinks, and they want you to remove both tires and the RSB - totally needless.

I'm quite mechanical, but hate the 'learning curve' getting dragged out, and all the silly mistakes one can make but not foresee until they've gotten good, clear instructions. Seems my first time at something takes 3 or 4 times as long as once I've gotten it down.
briansmobile1 on YouTube has some great videos.

Funny thing, every video I watched said to completely disconnect the washer fluid resevoir which is completely not needed. Just drain it and pull it out of the way.

Oh, and yes Asheville is excellent. I love every part of this place except the inflated Subaru prices!
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