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A previously-unknown company to me, Dirt Complex, recently announced that they are coming out with a new hitch-mounted spare tire carrier, called the Trail Swing.


Here's their sales pitch:


Dirtcom's TRAIL SWING Adventure Series fits a variety of compact and midsized rigs. If you've upgraded to bigger tires and can't find a place to put your full size spare, then your search ends here! This is a great alternative to a heavy and expensive full metal rear bumper replacement. At 65 lbs. this high clearance tire carrier was designed to offer you the best in functionality without compromising aesthetics. Check out the features below!

6 week Lead Time

Our pre-orders have surpassed our initial expectations. First batch shipping and local pickup in 4 weeks. Next batch in 6-8 weeks


  • Designed to mount up to a 35" tire. Height adjustable 1/4" steel tire mount.
  • Auto latching hinge locator locks the arm in 3 open positions. The locator pin slides along a stainless steel plate with 3 hole positions. The locator pin can also be set to a free swing position. Keep your hands free and avoid the hassle of manually placing pins in the hinge.
  • Built in Mounting Points, mount your rotopax and license plate straight to the swing arm. Dirtcom's stainless drop down table will bolt right up too! Our Hi-Lift jack mount is on it's way.
  • 1,000 lb. rated latch to keep your gear secure.
  • Stainless steel safety pin will keep the arm secured and rattle free even if the latch is accidentally opened.
  • Anti wobble hitch mechanism keeps the tire swing from rattling in your vehicle tow hitch.
  • Bottle opener is attached to the safety pin lanyard.
  • Multiple mounting points. The vertical and horizontal 3/16" plates are laser cut with multiple holes to enable you to easily mount your own accessories with m14 and m12 nuts and bolts.
  • Integrated License Plate Mount. Comes with an integrated license plate mount.
  • License Plate Light. Yes, it comes with a light!
  • Accessory Bracket. Mount your rotopax and other accessories behind or on the side of the tire! Additional Cost
  • Accessory Hitch. The accessory hitch bolts on with no modification to allow mounting of tow hitch accessories such as bike racks. Additional Cost This accessory hitch bolts on using 4 large M12 bolts (same diameter as your lug nuts) so you know it's sturdy! It also has a built in anti rattle system.


  • 1.5" .120 wall chromoly tubing for added strength and style. Chromoly has a higher strength to weight ratio than hot rolled and cold rolled steel tube. These parallel chromoly tubes are plated with 3/16" steel for added strength.
  • 2" Tow hitch receiver. Mounted up high for off road clearance using 1/4" steel.
  • Dirtcom EPDM rubber pad will add extra strength and support. We located this directly under the tire to relieve stress on the hinge to withstand rough off road conditions. Strategically placed rubber stoppers are placed throughout to absorb vibration and keep your tire carrier rattle free.
  • Tire mount. The tire is tilted to move the center of gravity over the hitch. Also it just looks better. The 1/4" steel used in the tire mount will ensure a strong, long lasting mount. Offered in multiple lug patterns. Contact us if you need a size that's not listed!
It has a few notable features. Besides being a swing-out mount, it has quite a bit of adaptability, including the height of the spare itself, a feature that I wish my current carrier had. I also like the fact that they managed to tuck the hitch mount portion up, meaning you don't lose quite as much departure angle. It also comes with the license plate mount, and has a built-in light to keep it legal in states that require plate illumination.

It's very pricey though, starting at $1,100. I'd also be concerned about the weight. Also, keep in mind it's so new, it's technically still in pre-order, so they might not have worked out all the kinks in the design yet. I'm personally not getting one, but I figured if anyone else was looking at spare tire carriers, this might be an option they haven't run into yet.


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WOW that seems like a nice option, but yes at $1,100 on sale and a regular price of $1,339, I am still looking... Wish their regular price was about $999 and sale price was down at about $800. I believe that's closer to what I have seen others offer theirs at.... But heck, I appreciate having another option... Thanks!
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