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I was pleasantly surprised when my wife picked up her '11 Outback from PA inspection/emissions and a few minor warranty items. At 22K miles, the left front caliper/pads were clunking on backing out of the driveway and on the first stop at the top of the street. Also, over washboard roads it sounded like an old Chrylser w/100K on it. Having been a mechanic, I figured it was probably either the caliper or the pads.

When I called to check if it was done, they listed the warranty items and then told me they replaced the pads for the noise. I was ready to unload, as I'd never have a dealer do this and no one contacted me for approval. They replaced them no charge, also the wiper blades no charge. I realize this is probably $100 parts value, but it really surprised me. I thought both were 'wear items' and usually subject to dealer charging full price.

The inspection fee is lifetime so the only charge was $38.00 for emissions testing. BTW what a PA state ripoff this is. Initially it was meant for all those non-cat vehicles and poorly tuned CO belchers. Now the state is still extorting that money from us when 99% of the cars on the road are all low emission, and those that have CELs get waivers or faked out passes on the machine, and go right back to polluting after 50 key-ons.

Whew, now I feel better...
If it wears out, it's a wear item. But if it had a defect within the warranty period? Sure, I'd expect a free or discounted replacement.

A pad probably cracked.
I take it neither of you bothered to read your warranty when you bought your cars?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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