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OK... I was able to find a way to play DivX video on our new 2013 Outback with SAP and the HK 440w system..

OK first and formost!!! Your Outback "MUST" have the electronic emergency brake engaged!!!! (Red Light On) (See first note on page 249 in the Navigation Manual)

Second, then get into accessory mode... Also referenced in first note on page 249 in the Navigation Manual.

Also, I see nothing that says you must register with DivX.. I believe this is only in the case that you downloaded something from them and plan on playing it or something like that. In this case you're just playing files transcoded from something else to DivX codec..

I've not tried the MP4 mode or other conversion methods yet, but what I did find out is the two items above "are" required to view..

So here is what I've found so far:

I had several HD H.264 MOV files on my Mac so I decided to use Quicktime Pro 7.0 to transcode one or two to DivX as a test.. It worked flawlessly...

Here is how I went about doing this...

I happen to have already purchased Quicktime Pro 7.0 ($29.99) on my Mac anyway.. It's available for both Mac and Windows systems at:

Quicktime Pro 7 is pretty straightforward and can transcode and export a selected video file direct to DivX Pro V.6.8 and by default makes the DivX just the way the HK system will accept..

Steps for using Quicktime Pro 7 (Mac):
Go to menu toolbar and select "File"
Open File
Select your file and OK
A playback window will pop up, just ignore it..
Now go to the toolbar and select "File" again.
In the drop down select "Export"
Another pop up window will display and will ask to "Save exported file as..."
Go to the Export selector and choose Movie to DivX
Next select Options and choose "Home Theater Profile" and hit OK (High quality file is OK)
Now all you have to do is make sure you have the destination set for the file and hit save..

Once your file is complete, transfer it to a thumbnail drive and put it in the car and test it.. Touch the USB selector, find the file on the search menu on the HK system and assuming everything went well hit the play button and you should have a video.. Remember if you are getting the video in the small screen, just touch the video and it will go to full screen and play..

Let me know how you all make out..:29::29::29:

Steve Nordahl
Bethlehem, Pa.
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