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while digging thru my STUFF looking for a plumbing tool in my tool room, i came across a timer controlled 12 volt power supply for out door lighting. i think it is made by INTERMATIC.

input is 115 - 120 volts and the output is stated as being able to handle ''7 lights of 11 watts each''.

can i use this to charge 12 volt car batteries?

i was thinking of setting the timer for the shortest time possible 30 - 60 minutes probably and then letting it do its thing. maybe even using a second timer so it only came on once a week to keep a battery topped off.

i know REAL battery chargers are more complicated, but i just don't know what damage i may cause.

and finally, is there anything SIMPLE i could add to the charger to prevent possible damage. keep in mind my electronic knowledge stops right after, W=V x A and in house wiring, there is a HOT wire, a COLD wire and a DRAIN. oh yeah i almost forgot, white to brite, black to brass, and green to ground.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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