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hi guys, I have a little practice in this matter. With your permission, I will share here.
...the alternator is mitsubishi made.

unscrew the alternator housing bolt.

locate a screwdriver in a front frame and a little knock on it.
warning: don't remove a rear part alternator now! a winding alternator (stator) may break off.

the winding bolted together with the alternator regulator. (these 4 bolts at foto)

check a contact rings rotor. a grooves shouldn't be there. (фак is bad word)

It is the regulator and diode bridge together. If necessary this instalation can be unsoldered.

It is subarus voltage regulator. if you want to replace a brushes then you need to replace the regulator (bodily

But I did otherwise:

sorry guys, farther I can not to describe the process. English is not my native language. So I'm probably had done a lot of mistakes in the text.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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