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Have new 2013 CVT Premium, now with just over 10K, and am considering purchasing a 100K warranty as I will probably put almost 35k in this coming year. I sold a 2006 MT limited Outback before purchasing the 2013 and that car had 100K on it. I used the insurance policy only one time just before selling it and the warranty I had paid about $350 on one repair. Given the extended transmission and powertrain warranties on the 2013 car, I was wondering if a 100K policy is really needed.

Curious as to how many previous Subaru owners on this forum had other Generation Subarus where they actually had to use their policy and how much were the repairs. I realize the new CVT has given everyone the jitters, but it is also mentioned in numerous places that Subaru has some 20 year experience with CVTs. Also, I estimate I will hit the 100K within 3-4 years tops. Any opinions appreciated.
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