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To add to all this, my point of view is that no car/suv is perfect. If they where there would be no warrantys on any car/suv. Kia and Hyundai you basically are paying for a warranty, no guarantee the car will not have a failure or breakdown and if buying used that is what you are chancing. Yes there are more reliable makers out there but its a choice also to buy a certain brand and stick with them or choose to buy something else next time. Any car/suv that has a timing belt is a given that will need to throughly changed/water pump etc at 90000 or 100000. Also regular maintenance is key to a longer life but not always also how the vehicle is driven.
Any car/suv over 100000 is going to have major maintenance no matter what and to have it done ,like my 08 OB had 137000 when I purchased it I have had everything done to it as far as fluids and brakes just my piece of mind not to quess whether is was done or not before.
All cars/suv have a breaking point and for instance Mercedes when they break done is very costly.
Timing belt, drive belts etc wear down. Honda still uses timing belts on all 4 cyl cars and chains on there 6 cyl , just example that no matter the car ,no car/suv is perfect.
1 - 1 of 96 Posts
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