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Dog Ramp?

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Sort of an accessory I guess. We finally had a reason to put the dogs in the OB last week and both of them were skittish about jumping in. Plus they are getting old anyway, this was coming. Anyone use a ramp? None of the ramps I've found online really separate themselves as "good". Ideally the thing would fit in the car somewhere since it would come with us on trips. Amazon has this tri-fold ramp, but reviews are mixed. I don't necessarily need cheap. "Good" is better than cheap.

These are a few I am looking at. I originally posted a tri-fold, but these seem better and not much larger folded than the tri-fold.

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Our dogs are getting old, too. I see one of these in our future....would like to hear any feedback.
I think I am ordering this one. PetSTEP Pet Ramp and Accessories - Geared for Pet Travel - Featured Products - PetSmart

It is more expensive, but with the sale it is $127, which is a few bucks more than Amazon, but not much. This one at least seems solid (others seem to be flimsy in an attempt to be lightweight) and the ridged walkway should avoid the complaints I've read about the "sand paper" like surface on some of the others that some dogs don't appreciate. None of them seem to fold down to anything small, I guess I'll just have to figure a way to secure this thing inside.

I can return it to PetSmart if I need to. PetSmart or PetCo, not sure which store I was in (are they really that different), didn't even stock any. Hopefully the girls take to it without too much frustration on my part. The video for this brand suggests laying it flat and "introducing" your dogs to it that way. I guess I'll try that.
I can't tell you how it will work out, but will give you something to think about. As my dogs got older, they became more aprehensive about anything outside of their routine. Even our greyhound who hed used ramps in her racing days would not use a ramp after she learned to use stairs. She would dance around at the end of the ramp looking for a way around it. My Chow was the same. Absolutely refused to use a ramp at all. It may take some patience and time to get them to use it or they may take to it right away. In some cases, they just won't do it at all.
I bought one of these, possibly that one. I have rather large dogs (~90+ lbs) and I found that ramp to be too flimsy. Also the dogs were scared to use it and it would take some training I think to get them to use it.

I ended up returning it. These days if they can't get in the car on their own I pick them up.
We bought a ramp as we have two Greyhounds and our female has a broken leg damage from her racing days. I lift her (66lbs) but my wife cannot. So, we bought the ramp.

It took us over a month practising daily for her to use the ramp, at time she is still hesitant but the biggest problem is where to stow it once they're in the vehicle. The one we bought folds in half but it still takes up a lot of room in the back of the vehicle and the dogs don't like it inside with them. It solved one problem and created another.
Just as an update, I did buy the PetStep ramp. While it is more expensive than some of the others, it is sturdy. I walked on it to try and "lead the way" and the thing barely flexes. Granted, I am not a heavy guy, but I am heavier than probably 98% of the dogs out there. Plus there is no "sandpaper" like material on it for grip. There is a rubber coating that should be good enough and more comfy on some paws.

As stated by some others, it isn't small when folded. It takes up a good 3/4 width of the back seat when I laid it flat on it with a towel under. The dogs are in the cargo area.

Neither of them want to use it, but if you reduce their options to the ramp (I stand on one side, my wife on the other) then they used it.
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