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Hey guys, I just found out how to save a ton of money on car insurance by...just kidding. However I DID find out a little-known secret the other day(at least I can find no evidence of it mentioned anywhere).

I know none of us really want to buy that expensive cam tool to hold the loaded cam sprockets on the driver's side while replacing the T-belt, or want to have to make our own tool SO here's a secret a little birdie told me. Use binder clips. You know those little black clips with the silver arms that you can bind a whole bunch of docs together with?? Just grab 6-8 (however many makes you feel comfortable), set the intake and exhaust cams on the driver's side, and use the clips to hold the belt in place while you line everything else up. It's amazing how simple it is, and you don't risk jacking up your belt/cams with a pair of vice grips. They're also cheap and easy to store!

Feel free to post other Subie secrets/tips if you like :)


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