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1999 outback 2.5 . Did plugs. After ordering plugs from advance auto, I got them and then saw that set was for 2.2 in my manual. Reordered laser platinum instead if iridium. After taking out plugs, found identical numbers as the ones replacing. Seems like the 2.2 plugs are hotter plugs, smaller electrode. Advance system says they are ok?? Two left plugs were very loose in sockets. Very. Installed the NGK plugs and wires. Fiddling with boots hardest part. Old plugs threads were wet.

Siphoned about a quart of engine oil. Too full.?? I have to look at sticker, I think dealer did it. I just got the car at 100k, dealer id belts at 85k. A little oil seepage out what might be seals on camshaft. Does not appear bad. No oil on plug wires.

After doing seafoam on one intake hose, located hose near center of manifold and redid. Not sure where PVC is located. There are three intake vacuum hoses on manifold, seems strange.

Was getting under 25 mpg. Seems like engine vibration between 2k.-3k rpm less now, and less idle drive vibration. Perhaps less second gear vibration in that range also. Will be checking mpg.
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