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Dome light and wiring question

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Ok, I posted a while ago about my dome lights or map lights or stereo not working in my 2002 outback. Today I dug into it some more and found the culprit. Where the wires leave the main fuse box and run through the fender wire number 10 (a little blue and red fella) was broke in half... Anyways I got power to my map lights and the 2 rear dome lights come on only when the trunk is opened. Any of the 4 passenger doors are opened and nothing happens. Now I took apart the light assembly where the map lights are and there is no assembly in the center where I would think the dome light would be? Is this correct? it looks like there is a spot for another light bulb assembly to plug into but only the 2 map lights are there and there is nothing in the middle?? Now should the back seat dome lights and cargo area light come on if the passenger doors are opened? I dont get why the trunk makes the middle and cargo dome light come on, but any other door causes nothing. If it matters my dash indicator that shows doors being open works good for every door. Thanks for any insight