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Putnam Subaru Burlingame at California is very disappointing. 2 years ago I bought my outback there and prepaid first year maintenance there. It was fine at the beginning, everything when well. However, right after the last prepaid maintenance done, they started to make all kind of lies to me. First is the breaks, they told me all my breaks is below 2mm, and ask me for $200 a wheel for replacement service. Of course, I refused and checked it myself when I got home.




Last week I went back to the dealer again for another issue, SRVD disabled. They told me they were unable to honor my extend warranty, and need to pay up to $12,000 and 8 hours to fix it. The detailed store is at Electrical & Electronics forum. At the end, I try to confront them with the break issue. Because they mentioned to me again about my break pads. They were just playing dumb, the service agent and the mechanic.

Anyway, hope my experience can alert people who lives in my area and goes to the same dealer for service.
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