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Hey everyone.

Still loving my 1999 Outback a year or so into it. Just hit 165k!

I posted earlier about another issue I was having, but this is another one that I'm going to need to have looked at. Thought it best to separate the two problems.

Here's the deal:

When I make a hard left turn (almost full turning radius and quick, say if you're pulling in to parking space that's tight or busting a U-turn!) I get a loud scrapping noise. Real quick, but very noticeable. "Scrrrrrrape!" I've been told perhaps it's a boot or CV joint?

Then a few weeks ago a new symptom surfaced. As I'm turning at low speed (especially noticeable when I'm in my work's parking structure) there is a low pitched "whirring" sound as I turn and the wheel itself starts to shudder a bit. The whirring noise will increase in speed and volume as I accelerate until about 12 MPH where it seemingly stops. It feels a little sticky, but I wouldn't say the turning has been dramatically worsened.

I checked the power steering fluid and it appeared full, but that's about the extent of my poking around. I'm no guru, so it's definitely going into the shop but I like to come talk to the folks on here for some insight before I head in.

Anyone have thoughts on what might be the problem?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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