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driver side power window issue 97 ob

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my driver side window sometimes would be glitchy rolling up. today it went all the way down and is stuck. it wont roll back up when i tried at one point the switch kind of sparked. if you click down you can hear the motor go a little to go down but it just it just wont do anything when trying to roll it up. what is my problem?
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okay i ordered a new switch online, is ther any way i can clean the connections on the broken switch to get the window up till my part comes????
There are threads here about similar problems and the solutions, including the spray, repairing worn surfaces, and replacing the whole switch assembly.

Some who have had similar problems have tried spraying electronic contact cleaner spray into the switches through the gaps around the buttons, and in some cases it seems to have worked. This is possible if the problem is dirty contacts, and if the spray finds it's way in to the contacts. It's worth a try; however, do it with the power off, and wait a good long time after for the solution to evaporate -- most of them are flammable and you don't want to turn the power on and try the switch when it's still in liquid form. Spray contact cleaners are available at electronic parts outlets and places like Radio Shack.
when i plugged it in my clip that has a magnet touched the mother board of my switch,
Not sure what you mean by the clip that has a magnet, and how it touched the mother board (isn't it covered by plastic?), but it sounds as if a fuse has been blown, probably one of the slow blow fuses (SBF).

Did you have the ignition switch at On when this happened? If not, as far as I know, there shouldn't have been any power to the window switch to be shorted, but that's another issue.
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