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Agree with number 1 - Honda 2000 VTEC engines ( 16valve DOHC variable valve timing and lift) rev out to 8000 / 9000 rpm (forged pistons) - haven't heard of any fail apart from neglect. ( Top end power with low end drivability /economy.

And to have an engine output of 120 hp per litre (240hp) for a 2 litre 4 cylinder production car is quite remarkable - a credit to its engine design ( without boost - turbo etc)
producing more naturally aspirated (non turbo) horse power per litre than naturally aspirated supercars until 10 years ago as mentioned with Ferrari 458 producing 125 hp /litre

(VTEC engines have been around for over 25 years)

Suspect everyone else has copied this since in the last 10 - 15 years

Agree, surprised also that EJ25 made top 8.

Agree most of the best engines are Japanese . better engineered / finer tolerances etc

The Japanese started way back in 50s/60s copying major manufacturers engines and making then better.
Mercedes 6cyl - Nissan 6cyl (RB / Skyline GTR) ,
Austin / Morris 4cyl - early Nissan (Datsun) OHV 4cyl
Chev blue flame 6cyl - early FJ Toyota Landcruiser 6cyl etc

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I know they seem to be focused on performance cars but, soob's diesel boxer 4 is kinda awesome. too bad we don't get it here.

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