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Swapped a 1990 EJ22 into my 1995 Legacy / Outback. Replacing a (circa?) 1997 EJ22 in the 1995 Outback. Lots of issues with single port exhaust system to the dual port on the donor engine. And the wiring harness is all wrong. Fixed all that, but now the clutch cable is too long to engage the clutch lever arm. It has about 2" of adjustment, but as tight as I can make it, there is still about .25 to .50 slack in the clutch cable. Anybody have this happen, or can anyone think of a reason it would happen?

My first thought was that the clutch disk was in backwards, but checking the old engine parts, it looks like it's not possible to get the disk in wrong.

I had trouble getting the engine mounts to engage with the frame cross member. It seemed like the donor engine, bolted to the tranny, was too long by about a quarter of an inch. Had to drop the drive shaft, and loosen the tranny mounts in order to shove the engine to the rear and into place. But if anything, that would make the clutch cable tighter.

Any ideas?
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