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Hello Subie Friends,
My 2020 Outback is having some issues. This is my first new Subaru, though we owned two others used. Right out of the gate, we had issues with the air conditioning which caused the car to be in the shop 3 times until the AC had been fully replaced.
Shortly after the AC issue was resolved, I started to notice a burning smell coming through the vents in the car on occasion. The car went back to the dealership twice for this issue, and though the service technician smelled it, he could not diagnose it.
Now, a month later, the battery is dying for no reason. It started a couple of days ago when I came home from a brief trip to find my car dead at the airport. Then again yesterday while I was idling in my son’s school pick up line. The whole car just shut down with all idiot lights on. The car had to be jumped, but a battery and alternator check at my local auto parts store came up with no issues.
Anyone heard of this? Did I get a 🍋? There are only 11k miles on this car!! Help!

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Gosh your car seems to have more than its share of gremlins.

Is the intermittent burning smell still happening?

Regarding the battery, having it not start after a few days at the airport is not unheard of, several members have had Subaru reimburse them for buying new batteries because the 620 CCA EFB ones that come with the car seem to be failure prone. Note that if you do replace the battery it must be EFB or AGM and cannot be a regular flooded battery.

Having the car stall at idle and being unable to restart without a jump is a mystery - others might have an idea.

If you haven't already, consider contacting Subaru of America for assistance when the dealership isn't providing solutions: 1 (800) 782-2783

Keep documenting things as best you can, including videos if appropriate. If you have a safety concern you have to spell it out to the dealer and Subaru.

Know the lemon laws in your state as a plan B.
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