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Hi Guys,

I have an 05 OB 6cyl. Starting 6 months ago the drivers side back door central locking stopped working, then 2 months ago the button inside the car to lock all doors while inside stopped the locking only, can still unlock tho if you lock manually. The central locking then worked completely fine again before returning to it's current status of randomness. Did some digging and other forums say it's the door lock actuator. They sell them on ebay for around $40 as opposed to the kidney Subaru want. Curious to know if anyone as used a non brand one?
Now fuses are starting to blow. First it was the cigarette lighter plug below the stereo, then the spare 12v aux plug in the centre console. Replaced both and the cig one blew almost immediately but the 12v one has been fine.
I read if you disconnect the battery for 10 mins you can reset it but that didn't work.
Would appreciate any feedback to fixing any of these issues (I'm a vet nurse so happy to give anyone any advice in the future if they msg me ;) ).

Cheers, Kat :)
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