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Im seeing a lot of people here claiming that the car has pep and power but mine doesnt seem to. but then again I cant compare it since I know no one else who has one. but im struggling to go so seventy pulling a small trailer (700 lbs) small white factory built cargo trailer 5x8. and it just seems like there is no power.
i notice when i tap the gas the car drops rpm from 1000 to about 600 then goes up, almost like a hesitation. im curious what it could be.
also I used cheap plugs, auto lites for 3 bucks a piece, does it really make a difference. this is my first subaru and im loving it but Ive got a lot to learn.
I don't need to know which year or engine is in it to tell you the autolites are not quite right. Not completely awful either, but the best results for these cars come from properly gapped NGKs. Your choice whether you use the cheap copper version or the fancy platinums or super fancy iridiums. They are equivalent, but the pricier ones can be run a few extra years before replacement.

Subies are even more sensitive to spark wires- use the OEM.

Post more details and we can try to help.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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