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2005 OBXT Limited, VF37, STI intake, 5MT
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Does the lower core support have the white "standoff" brackets in place? I've noticed a pattern between the OB and Legacy: The OB has the "full" underbody shield with the standoffs installed when the Legacy does not. 2005-2009 models, sedans and wagons.

My logic is thus: the OB got the "better" underbody protection while the Legacy got the small spats on the side. Why would the Legacy need full engine cover if it's only staying on the road, right?

If the car was involved in an accident before the current owner, the shops like to leave off the shield and/or replace with the spats as they are cheaper to buy than the whole shield. If you've got the white standoffs, but the spats, someone has replaced then in the past.
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