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2015 Outback 2.5 Limited
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A bit late to getting to making this, and I am creating this for mostly myself but also maybe to help another person possibly as well.

What I have:
2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited Wilderness Green Metallic

Has all the bells and whistles (so many bells n whistles its almost intimidating) including EyeSight.

First off, my wife has claimed the car as "hers" even though it was my car that SHE broke, but hey she makes the gold right now so she makes the rules. With that in mind, my experience with the car is mostly trips and weekends.

Most of my time fiddling with the car has been the new navi/sound system and the silly amount of fun things that baby does. I havent had the chance to really get into it or even mess with the voice controls.

I did manage to find the setting to make the HU go automatically to the split view which is my preferred view when actually using the navigation on the car. I wish it were smarter, IE when not using the navi, it doesnt do that.

Rear camera. I dont use this in places like parking lots much at all really as its a very limited view. However, it is nice for backing into the garage.

BlueTooth capabilities are wicked interesting. Basically we had an extra Galaxy tablet sitting around so I loaded my google play music playlists on it and I use it for the tunes. It sits inside the center console and you can basically forget about it unless you want to change playlists.

Apps: I have all the subaru and associated apps loaded for the car. I dont really have a use for any of them and therefor consider them to be mostly useless. One thing however, is the MirrorLink capability. I had read in another thread it does, in fact, work. However, my new galaxy s6 Edge is not compatible with the app that enables this to work.
--Update-- I wish it were good news but nope.
Tried Android Auto, still does not work. I did find that if i use some different USB cables, the mirrorlink capability does not work and can therefor use my phone as bluetooth connection only while also charging via the USB port. Some cables do not allow "proper" connectivity which would allow the phone and/or head unit to recognize each other somehow. The cable that allows it to charge without "connecting" to the headunit is from one of those blu vape pens.

EyeSight: OH MY LAWD, how cool is this? Super cool, thats how cool. Adaptive cruise is interesting and sometimes useful. However because it senses cars in front of you and adjusts the speed for that, you kind of have to pay much more attention to your speed. IE it will slow down gradually and you might not even notice until you are putsing behind Slowbie McSlowdriver for a minute. The lane sensing is actually rather impressive to me, being a tech skeptic (while also being a tech enthusiast). The warnings basically FORCE you to be a "better driver" by giving you an audible warning that you arent using your stinkin blinkers.

Comfort items (seat adjustment, AC, ETC)
Auto dim works as advertised, so did my 05 so i guess this is a given. Seat adjustments are improved vs other vehicles i have driven. Seat memory works as advertised (i am person 2). AC works again, as advertised but we will see how it holds up in the hot and humid summer environment that is the hampton roads area in VA. (its a swamp, its all marsh and swamp). One thing i do like about the AC is the ability to turn off dual controls rather than having to adjust 2 separate zones all the time. Quite honestly i think dual zones in a vehicle are silly at best.

Tailgate. Love the remote auto tailgate. However, sometimes it opens but doesnt lift. I am probably doing something wrong when that happens. Ah yes, found a thread where this is answered.

There are my overall first impressions. Currently I dont see a need to mod anything other than perhaps getting the weathertech floor mats, but we will see as time moves forward.

The rims are pretty spiffy, but when i bought the car they still had some of that sticker residue from transport i guess. Some bug and tar remover took care of that issue rather expediently.

Future Reference:
Radio Head unit connections
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