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'05 2.5i H4 4-Speed Auto w/Sportshift
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I replaced ours (with the 2.5 H4 engine) using a Walker Resonator/pipe assembly. The pipe is long and comes to a Y where it goes to the L&R rear muffler flanges. Where it connects in the front it connects via a large flange arrangement with a donut style gasket.

Ours was leaking badly at the Y connection as well, and it was so rusted, there was no way to repair the old one.

The new one was 2.5" too long, I had to have a local welder cut the forward flange off and cut the pipe and re-weld the flange into the forward pipe end so it finally was a perfect fit, even the hanger was perfect!

I think the pipe with gaskets and new bolts was less than $150.
If you are at all good with mechanical work and if you have a place or ramps to work under the vehicle, you can have the old one removed and the new one installed within an hour to two at most. If the car is on a lift, the time would be less than one hour, total, for sure!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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