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2008 Outback XT manual tran
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I've been a legacy wagon owner since 2006 but got tired of not being able to find a nice legacy wagon gt with a manual transmission and had to transition to the dark (high) side of the outbacks.

Brought home a nice 2008 Outback XT with a 5 speed on Wednesday. Took some vacation and have all of next week off, so I'll undoubtedly spend at least a few days either around or under the car starting its transition to a bastardized legacy gt wagon (that is nicely polished and shiny).

Legacy gt calipers/rotors/pads this weekend, maybe shocks and springs soon if I can convince the wife that it is preventative maintenance. Now off to the suspension forum to figure out what to get for legacy height suspension, or legacy +1".

Here are the two brothers. Don't mind the honda plate holder, the previous owner traded it in for an accord. Easier to convince them to lower the price if they don't know about Subarus.
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