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Eyes on the road

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Anyone know what is happening when you get the keep your eyes on the road message (even though you are looking ahead at the road)? I’m assuming there is an internal camera looking at me and misinterpreting, but anyone know what generally causes it? It’s a bit annoying at times.
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This annoying feature probably saved my life or at least prevented a serious accident this past February.

I was on a 10 hour drive I have made many, many times without incident. I started feeling a little fatigued and planned to stop at the next rest area, which I thought I was fine to make. I must have drifted off for a few seconds because suddenly all the bells and whistles and lights were going off. The car was in advanced cruise control mode, too, with automatic lane centering, which probably also saved my life. Spouse (who was reading in the passenger seat) said she didn't notice anything until the alarms went off. Scared the stuffing out of me and made me wide awake. Anyway, we switched drivers at the next rest area and went on our merry way as opposed to the hospital. Or the morgue.
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