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Eyes on the road

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Anyone know what is happening when you get the keep your eyes on the road message (even though you are looking ahead at the road)? I’m assuming there is an internal camera looking at me and misinterpreting, but anyone know what generally causes it? It’s a bit annoying at times.
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We have the 22 Premier XT, I guess they haven’t fixed whatever it is.
We have the 22 Premier XT, I guess they haven’t fixed whatever it is.
I’ve had the eyesight and lane assist struggle and turn off in bright twilight, wondering if it’s glare somehow.
We didn’t have them before either (VW Sportwagon before), but lane assist is nice on long drives. I will say that the VW voice recognition is much better than the one in the outback, some of the attempted phrase understandings are funny they are so bad.
Or your mother. In my twenties I drove my mom back and forth to work since we worked about the same hours. She didn't drive, but was the worst backseat driver in history, "coaching" me in every block we drove. I told her politely and then not so politely that I didn't need her help and, if she couldn't trust me, to find another way. This went on for months. One day, I reached my limit, pulled off the road and parked the car. I told her one of us was getting out of the car and I didn't care which one. She dared me so I opened the door and got one leg out. She made a half-hearted promise to behave and we drove on home. She begrudgingly kept that promise. Years later she denied the whole thing.
I hear the 2024 model will tell you that your are putting weight on and alert you to bald spots.
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