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Subaru 3.6R 2018 w/Eyesight
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Good morning all!

I have been reading this forum for a while for its insightful information but this is my first post.

I own a 2013 Outback 3.6R with Eyesight, Two days ago, I got for the first time after 5 years a error message "Eyesight Off - Check manual". At first, this message disappeared after driving 15 minutes. It than reappeared yesterday and have been on since then even after restarting the car for a couple of times.

I've checked the manual... which is telling me to bring the car to the dealer.

Will do this week.

However, I was wondering if people on this forum with the first generation of Eyesight (2013-2014) got the same issue and how it was fixed? Simple code error, stereo cameras not aligned properly or electronic equipment failure?

Funny thing is that the error message came out after I opened the sunroof. Maybe just a coincidence.

I read some threads here and on the Forester forum, but they appear to be dealing with issues from 2015 to present day, inclunding "Check Engine On - Eyesight Off" which is not my case.

Many thanks in advance for any insightful information you may be able to share. It is greatly appreciated! :)
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