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Factory hitch compatibility

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Does anyone know if the factory hitch used on the 2015 Outback is compatible with the 2018 (or even 2017)? My vehicle was just totaled due to flooding. I was told I could take the factory hitch off the vehicle by the insurance company (just not the wiring harness due to saltwater intrusion). I hate to see it go to waste as it is in excellent condition and costs a bit of money for the factory hitch. Thanks...
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The old part number superceeds to the newest (L101SAL010 to 011 to 012 to L101SAL013).
So yes the 2015 will fit the current 2018 as it will for the 2019.

Tom Kukla
Parts Manager
Gemini Motors (SUBARU)
Kitchener, Ontario
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You can easily remove the current wiring harness from the old car (plug n play) and re-install in the new car.
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