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Soon-to-be owner of a 2020 Outback Limited XT
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Hi everyone! I've been lurking on here for a few weeks but just joined as I'm going to be buying an Onyx XT in the next week. I've owned one previous Subaru, a 91 Legacy that was an absolute tank of a sedan.

I'm planning on eventually building my Onyx out to be more off-road ready, and I'm wondering if the factory option skid plates and differential guard are decent quality. I've checked different threads here and most people talk about aftermarket ones, which are much more expensive. Should I ask for them to add on the factory ones, or should I hold out and get some LP or Primitive ones? I'm also considering the LP bumper guard, and it would probably be cheaper to have them installed together. Also, does anyone know off hand how much clearance you lose with the factory ones?
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