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I recently ordered spark plugs and an "OEM" Subaru air filter from Amazon... both from different sellers (although I suspect maybe same seller under different names maybe?), they are both completely fake.

NGK plugs (IRidiums):
Seller with no feedback.
The ground is not tapered at the end.
The tip is too big.
No talc where insulator meets the hex.
Print is too dark (almost black vs gray) and too high.
Insulator not in the right spot relative to the tip.

Air filter:
Subaru logo not quite right on the box - wrong color maybe.
The element was basically just falling apart along the sides - would let dust right through very quickly.

It was Prime and fulfilled by amazon but it was sold by Seller's with no feedback. So I'd say from Amazon, stick to sold by Amazon or other seller with a good reputation.

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It's apparently a common enough problem that NGK has a part of their website dedicated to identifying fakes:


There are many good sellers through Amazon that aren't "sold by Amazon", and they shouldn't be all painted with the same broad brush. I'd report this to both Amazon and NGK, if you haven't done so already. They will take care of this seller for you.
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