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Fault Code 26 - Airbag Light Stays On

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I have a 2007 Outback wagon and for the past month or so the airbag light will stay on after I start the car about half the time I drive it. Other times the light will cycle on and off as normal. Today I finally had a chance to bring it to the dealer and after paying $99.95 the computer found a fault code 26. They said this indicates a wiring issue and recommended replacing the overhead console for $212. They are going to order the part but wondering if anyone else has had this experience. Will that solve the problem? When the light is on I suspect the airbag might not deploy but when the light is off do you think that indicates it will? I already have had to replace the whole wiring harness to the back hatch a year or so ago when I lost all my lights and the rear windshield wiper. It has 96,000 miles but I bought it new and it seems like it has more than its share of wiring issues compared to my first 2000 Outback.
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