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2015 Outback 2.5L, 22k miles.

2 days ago the engine revved excessively, the car kept lurching forward and shuddering and the car almost stalled multiple times. The temp gauge was at halfway 5 minutes into the ride. I've had to jump the battery 4 times in the last week (which may or may not be related). SOA told me that the powertrain warranty has been extended to 100k miles on the vehicle in connection with a possibly faulty torque converter. The dealership has it now, but so far they haven't been able to replicate what happened to me, so they haven't run through the entire recommended service procedure/flow chart outlined in several SOA TSBs. It's incredibly unsafe. Does anyone have any recommendations about what steps I should take to get this issue properly diagnosed and repaired if the dealership is unable to replicate what I experienced?

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