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Finally found it! Sub-pan fastening clip part number

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I have a Gen 2 2004 OBW Limited 2.5 EJ259. Every time I change the oil I have to remove the sub-pan by releasing three "clips" (that look like large plastic phillips screws) before the access cover would slide forward. My clips were very tired and bare holding on. The parts diagram showed the clips but never showed a part number. Two dealers said I needed to but the whole under-engine pan to get those clips. A third dealer asked me to remove one and give it to hem for a few days. Subsequently he phoned to say the new ones came in. Dang if they aren't the exact replacement! Part number 909140010. $2.95 each.

I have learned so much here on the forum I felt I should give back whatever I could. Thank you. Hope it helps.


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My local NAPA has a book full of various plastic fasteners, clips, etc. that meet all of my clippy needs. You may have to ask where the book is as it may be hidden out of sight. I'll try to take a pic of what I'm talking about next time I'm in.
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