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Finally got a Baja! (05 turbo 5MT)

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So after passing up several that were out of state or just ridiculously priced, I picked up a lightly-crashed OutBrat at the Nashville Copart this week. Paid about what I guessed I would for it. I figured $3-4k, got it for $3650 with auction fees and delivery from 150 miles away. Still gotta pay tax and rebuilt title fees, so i'll have a little over $4k in it before I even start on it.

Most turbo Bajas I've found for sale have been $10k and up, and very few were 5 speeds. Most times when I went looking on the usual outlets (CL, autotrader,, etc.) I could find less than 5 turbo MT's for sale within 1,000 miles of me.

This one is hit light in the front, needs a hood, RH fender, front cover, a couple of headlights, and a few structural pieces pulled. No airbag deployment, didn't bust the fans but the top rad hose got pushed into the alt pulley. . that's the extent of the mechanical damage.

Should be able to fix it for about $1500-2k. I already have the hood, just have to buy the fender and bumper although I'm halfway tempted to patch this cover up and run it for a while as it's not hurt too bad.

Got it home yesterday evening and haven't had much time to play with it, but first observations:

-Holy jeez, did SoA cheap out on the interior amenities on these. You don't even get a power driver's seat.
-The dash mounted 6disc changer is nice. It's still getting tossed in favor of an aftermarket unit with bluetooth and aux-in.
-Tailgate is crazy heavy for such a small truck.
-Can't understand why these didn't sell better.


-Fix it.
-08 LGT heated leather front seats. I'll get the rear seat reupholstered to match. . . it needs it anyway. Baja upholstery is crap.
-LGT brakes.
-Heated side mirrors. I already have a set in the correct color :)
-Wiper de-icer. I'll pillage the harness & timer from the 01 '****** and get the windshield replaced with a heated one. I'll mount the switch for it in the console below the radio. . .there's a blank there that looks to be the correct size
-Homelink mirror. It's already got an autodimming compass mirror so it's plug and play.
-New head unit
-find some place to sneak in a subwoofer (new seats might make that problematic)
-auto HVAC from one of the three H6 cars I've dismantled (maybe).
-Finally use those Enkei EKM-3's I've had mothballed since I lowered the test mule and found out $1100 worth of wheels and tires wouldn't fit.
-Maybe some powerplant upgrades (up/down pipe, tune, mild stuff)
-Trailer hitch?
-Drive it and enjoy it.


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Looks like a cool project !

Congrats on fartherhood ! yea, you have no idea about the change in priorities
I have a few 60's project cars I might get to when my kids go away to college.
Lol yeah my contribution to the whole "fatherhood" thing so far has been pretty easy. . . it was dicey at first as my better half has had a miscarriage on a previous attempt, plus she has a blood disorder that causes her to clot too easily, so she's on blood thinners for the entire pregnancy (daily injections of Heparin).

Fortunately she's a nurse so she has GREAT insurance and free access to ultrasounds, plus plenty of doctor friends from whom to solicit free advice on a daily basis. This is probably the most monitored/scrutinized non-celebrity baby since Jesus! I tease her that the kid's gonna come out with his/her ears ringing from all the ultrasounds! :laugh:

You mention both the TGV deletes and the EBC. So after my 1st build round, in which I did my own deletes, I also stacked them up on an 8mm GrimmSpeed thermal spacer. After the car wouldn't make boost. Well not tall boost...high 10s...psi.

I was kind like where you are without having help. Well, Ed/XRT. But I wonder if the stock boost controller doesn't like the deletes. Unless u=you are pretty sure there is a leak. I am pretty sure mine were were/are not leaking.

In any event I have the GrimmSpeed 3 port EBC now. Ed is still preparing to boost. But where Frank is at now...pushing 12 at 60% throttle.
I have a Grimmspeed 3 port EBCS. Problem is it's overboosting. . .as in it's not being triggered at all. Tuner and I am at a loss. Solenoid is functional as tested with 12v across it and blowing air through the ports. So either the commands aren't making it from the ECU or I have a wiring fault. I can loop the hoses from the manifold to the wastegate and run on WG spring pressure only and make about 10psi, but if I hook up the EBCS it'll go straight to 23psi. Mighty fun at that level but not good for the engine.

I can hear the boost leak from in the cabin running down the road, just can't find it with the engine off and as it's electric throttle I can't blip it from under the hood.

Anyway, it's been back-burnered as I've been churning out 2nd gens to sell like they're going out of style. Trying to get a nice financial cushion before the baby gets here. . . and fancy trucksters don't really further that cause :)
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I get that. Well...keep the family together...number 1. % 1/2 years later for me...I have a part time family...and Frank.

But when I was in your was all about planning ahead.
Here's how I've done boost tests before on my 4th gen OBXT. You can do it on your own with the car off if you have a compressor.

-Disconnect air intake hose from intake box
-Find something to plug the intake hose with. On my 05 OB, an unused mazda MX5 oilfilter fits in there perfectly, and than I tightened the worm clamp around the part of the hose with the filter in it to be sure its air tight.
-Disconnect small vacuum hose from the turbo by pass valve
-Shoot air into that vacuum hose (not too much!) a few quick shots should be enough
-Listen for air escaping. In my case it was the hose going from the intake manifold to the fuel pressure regulator.

Depending on where the leak is, you can spray soapy water on the area and do the leak test again. Should be pretty obvious where the leak is coming from at that point.

Hope that helps
Pretty slick. . . I'll give it a go. I assume the crankcase vents need to be plugged as well, otherwise I'll have a geyser of oil coming up the dipstick :)
Whoh...I was just chewing on the above...that would have been me.
I feel like I just watched a great movie and didn't get to see a happy ending.....other than the new kid(lol) is the BAJA????...I just read 11 pages of posts with Fantastic photos, it was like reading a great suspense novel...and then I get to the end and ....awwwww.......oh well, hopefully you get it up and running like a real turbo should and continue the story...I only have a 05 Baja non turbo that I just put 2500 for head gaskets and timing belt stuff....but I wouldn't trade it for the fact I was debating on getting a new outback or crosstrek or forester and sank those ideas really fast...I looked though.....these Bajas just leave a mark on the heart you can't get rid I got mine for another 100K and keep rust checking the body and all should be fine....let us know the ending to this story and of course include pics
Aunt Edna, was still alive in this seen, Ellen threatened her if she did not stay in the car she "would split her lip."

Edit 2: Ellen = Beverly D'angelo, Defines Hot.
Edit 3: Fran Drescher, post below, also Defines Hawt, however just a similar disembodied voice, wanting the subaru nanny to add washer fluid?:28:

Lockmedic I highly recommend that you redact your comments about your in laws. I mean the silliness of tying them to a roof could only lead to a divorce and then your wife could get half of everything you own. The judge could punitively take your newly beloved Baja from you.

And with a setup like this you could easily strap em to the front like a deer.

EDIT: below, don't you all love the snorkel robbed from the Jeep Wrangler parts shop.

where did you find this pic? i wanna know if that guy made the bumper himself, i see that bottom part on older outbacks/legacies/bajas all the time. i wonder if they're made out here...
where did you find this pic? i wanna know if that guy made the bumper himself, i see that bottom part on older outbacks/legacies/bajas all the time. i wonder if they're made out here...

Based on my 2 findings below you see a lot of them as they are oregon made:

Its this one out of Albany, Oregon. (google searched on the image and it came right up) Owned by @Bajass00 and it is plated "Halo"

here is another on a 03 Baja and if you read Bajass00's comment under the link below it says where he got it:
Thank you for the comment ! Yeah I had the bumper done by John Bloom from Eugene Oregon. The bumper did keep the airbags from deploying in the accident. Have a good day. Your Baja is lookin good !! ttyl Ryan"


over on the nose picker board: Post #690 on this thread has a silver Baja with a sliver one:
Lifted, Rally Prepped, or Just Plain Dirty Subarus?? Mud Pit & Gravel Stage Inside!! - Page 28 - NASIOC

on a earlier post that member calls it a "-Mud Rat bumper"
NASIOC - View Single Post - pics & mods?

and here is the info about where to get one,...well as per Feb 2009
NASIOC - View Single Post - pics & mods?
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News flash,...lockmedic found Baja bed too small for hauling subaru parts so buying used plumbers truck. Not changing awesome door decal,...figures family members will bring back this vehicle ASAP if they borrow it.

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How's the Baja doing? Ive been searching for a long time for one, I need a fixer to be able to afford it as a extra car but there sure isn't many out there.
How's the Baja doing? Ive been searching for a long time for one, I need a fixer to be able to afford it as a extra car but there sure isn't many out there.

there are 24 of them listed right now as fixers

EDIT: list snipped as it was crazy long and not relevant anymore anyway. --lockmedic

go bid. most will sell for 2000-4800 tops.
there are 24 of them listed right now as fixers
14801429 #TBD
go bid. most will sell for 2000-4800 tops.
What site is this????
It's still being ornery. Bad fuel pressure regulator and boost leaks. . .need to throw an aftermarket one on it but just been too busy chasing other projects I haven't fiddled with it in a while.

Still love it. . . will probably wind up keeping it. and Online Vehicle Auctions Copart USA: Salvage & Used Cars, Trucks & More are salvage auction sites. I buy from Copart a lot (that's where the Baja came from). Gotta have a dealer's license or go through a broker for most lots in most states tho. . . using a broker gets expensive.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes the Baja... I'm still saving for mine.
Lol. . .the Baja is staying, it's just offloading some of its responsibilities to a '95 Chevy 3/4 ton long bed extra cab. . . yes it's a land yacht.

Stupid fun truck it's just not as much fun to haul a sheet of plywood or a load of mulch in it. That's what the chevy is for. Great for running parts tho.

I still have it, I still drive it almost daily, haven't even been bothered to put the front bumper cover back on tho. When there's a spot in the garage and time for me to go there, there's always something squeaking louder than the Baja. Right now it's a Saabaru that needed 2 quarters welded in and has a buyer if I ever finish the dang thing.
on a side note:

I found a pic of one of @lockmedic's sprinter (stripper?) work vans,

looks like he finally found some car models (I guess they "should" have some free time around 2pm, when the strip club is slow).

original photoshop:

vinyl wrap:

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Nah this is my work van:

I get the strangest looks when I have to work at the elementary school. . . dunno why.

Always wanted to do this but with something like an S55 AMG on the side of it. I'd probably have to upgrade from the craptastic steelies with hubcaps, however.

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