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Finished Head Gasket and reinstall.

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Fairly new to Subies. I just pulled my motor, did the headgaskets, timing belt, water pump, idlers, all oil seals, separator plate, etc.

I'm a fairly accomplished mechanic, but not a pro. But I've done complete rebuilds and always done my own mechanic work. The job took me a lot longer than I anticipated because we had severe cold here and every spray was frozen up. Every hose was hard, and I had to stop to warm my hands on the torpedo heater every few minutes.

When I got it back in I had a few problems. I missed hooking up the small water hose under the intake. It's impossible to see once it's together but when I added antifreeze it came pouring out and ran down the motor right where the head and block meet. Scared me for a couple of minutes til I traced it back. LOL

The car wouldn't start and the fuel and temp gauges wouldn't work. Turned out to be moisture in relays in my front fuse box. Also the front seal leaked until I took it for a good ride and then it set itself and sealed right up. I put new NGK wires and Iridium plugs in it while it was out. It now runs better than it has since I bought it.

Big thanx to all on this board!!
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