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2002 Outback H6–3.0 VDC AT Australian model
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Hello from Australia—
I recently bought an old (2002) Outback at the auctions, on the advice of a friend. I just relocated with my family and we needed a reliable family station wagon for cheap.
We got a great deal and I’ve been driving it for about a month with no problems (except for CEL permanently on… see below). It’s a 2001 model, AT, VTC, H6–3.0, Australian edition with (worn out) leather interior and a MOMO steering wheel on the right hand side. Super smooth and solid despite 200,000km.
This is my first car, I haven’t been driving long, and everything I know so far comes from searching this forum! I like to fix as much as I can myself and the low price of the vehicle doesn’t justify serious service fees. Of course I’ll change my mind if something serious goes wrong. Also, it was checked by a mechanic on the day of purchase (brakes and so on) so it could pass the legal roadworthy test.
I still have a lot to research, but so far, my main issue is the following:
The CEL, (ABS) and VDC lights come on as soon as the car starts. My little OBD reader returns error P0131. When I clear it, it comes back as soon as I start to drive. From what I’ve read, I need to check an o2 sensor and maybe change it. There are no other errors so I’m assuming one fix will take care of the three lights. I’ll be looking through the forums for help in the following weeks.
I’d like to thank @tseven for compiling the manuals! My car is slightly different (Australian edition) but since it didn’t come with a manual, the pdfs are very handy.


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