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OK, Did my first ej25 swap after weeks and weeks of D.I.Y. forums (no matter how much you study you seem to always be faced with some unforeseen challenges).

To start: I blew up the engine in my 2003 outback. Just couldn't bring my self to giving it way because other than the dead hole the car is in really good shape. So I started researching and hunting for a cheep replacement. Never really played under the hood of a car so did this on the cheep. NEXT TIME WILL DO IT RIGHT.

I found a 2000 Impreza RS Ej25 (Thought all EJ251 were the same - I guess not). Ok, so getting past the small issues of missing plugs and changing the intake manifolds back and forth several times. Getting the engine swapped and back in. Realizing you now don't have an ERG port in the back of you Drivers side head. Debating on whether to take the motor out again or soldier forward and hope the car passes emissions. I fire the old girl up. YIPPY She first first try. NICE!!!! and I Pat myself on the back (WOOPS TO SOON). So the old girl starts pissing fluids all over the place and making this really loud grinding noise. :confused:

Depress I walk away for a couple of days debating if I should give up and just try to get what I can for her on the local trader......... Days later ready to go at it again. Figure out the fluids thing. Actually really easy. Had to buy some more parts.

The GRINDING CONTINUES..... Thought I would just drive it anyways. But the noise is just to much. Start Diagnostics. Home in on the noise and it's coming from the bell-housing. HMMMMMM Jack the engine in place to view flywheel teeth. Notice that the little light gauge dust guard under the flywheel in bent up into the flywheel.

My question to you all is do I try to form it back into shape. Remove it completely or replace it.

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