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First mods done on my 13

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Well, since my last series of pictures I posted prior to actually getting to drive my car off the lot, I've added a few things. First and foremost, the dealer installed wheel arch moldings and a clear bra all over the front end of my car. I felt those were good for protection and, at least with the arch moldings, aesthetics. But I still wanted to throw one more thing onto my car -something I'd seen, but couldn't put my finger on.
Fortunately, a picture of bradze's car jarred my memory and I picked up a hood protector today!
I stopped by my buddy's place figuring we could tackle it in about a half hour. Holy mother of god, talk about a miscalculation :eek: It took probably 2.5 hours and the car really shows its Japanese roots in those effing instructions. But here it is!

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2013, not the one with a V6, the V4 model
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Both those things look really good. Did you get the clear bra stuff on the front bumper as well?
Looking forward to your report on the HID install & results.
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