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2012 subaru outback 2.5i limited
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Just bought my first subaru in preparation for my move to the northwest. I didn't want to take my baby (the 96 bronco with a 7.3 powerstroke) up there for some douche kids to dent/ding in the local resort parking lots, not to mention death by salt to that undercarriage. So it'll stay down south for the next few years.

But with the new subaru comes a world I'm not familiar with. I'm already researching how to set myself up for success. First question is regarding snow tires and clearance. Living in Alaska for a while I saw so many people with AWD or 4WD and they couldn't figure out why they couldn't get through the snow. Well, at a certain point your car is now a plow unless you have clearance. That, with tire choice, are probably my biggest concerns on this vehicle. I'm not offroading really, but I might hit some light trails, just to get to good hiking spots (unless I just hike to them).

Already looking to build a two piece lifted bed in the back so that my snowboard bag and I can snuggle instead of paying for overpriced hotels on my trips. Feel free to comment here on things you've done that you are happy about or lessons learned or even things you didn't do but wish you had.

I plan on having fun with this new toy.


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