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My trusty 98 Volvo V70 wagon has served me faithfully for years, but I must hand it over to the wife. So, I'm in the market for a new car, aaaaaand I hate what's out there. Without spending a small fortune on a new Volvo, the Outback is one of the few cars I haven't yet crossed off the list. So, I was wondering if maybe some people could help me decide whether an Outback (current or older) or some other car fits a few of my requirements. So, here are the things I like about the Volvo.

1. Handling: The Volvo is definitely a wagon, not an SUV. Cornering, braking, exit and entrance ramps are great, I never feel like I'll have trouble with a turn like some SUVs have.

2. Room: the Volvo has more cargo room than many SUVs, the Outback is actually one of the few vehicles with similar size, along with the CRV.

3. AWD: Very nice for Minnesota winters

4. Mileage: once again, definitely a car, not an SUV. Although SUVs are finally starting to get the same mileage, 20 years later.

5. Power: the little turbocharged 5 cyl had plenty of get up and go, even at only 190 hp. I know the v6 Outback can beat that, not sure if there are options with the 4cyl.

6. Dedicated, active modding communities and forums: this was more true when I drove Accords, but if I am looking for things like a lowering kit, camber correction, big brakes, etc., are parts accessible for the Outback or is that kind of stuff more relegated to the WRX or the more "sporty" cars?

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