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I sure am glad I have the VDC model with the 45/55 split. The rear drifts around at will like a RWD car, yet the front wheels don't let it spin all the way around unless you want to.

In a RWD car after a couple donuts you usually come to a stop and you have to go straight again to get momentum. Not in this car :)

I was afraid I wouldn't get to try it out this year but the snowstorm saved the day. Every parking lot I could find on the way to work now has several rings in it haha.

It does seem like, in this wet snow anyway, that taking off with VDC Off gets you going a little sooner than with it on. When it's on it seems to fall on it's face as the engine reduces power to fight spin, then it comes back up. When the snow isn't terribly slick, it seems like taking off with wheels spinning works a little better. In the snow we got last night, anyway.

So is it bad for the AWD system if you have all 4 wheels spinning and then lets say, the front wheels suddenly find traction? The front wheels would suddenly slow to the actual forward speed of the car but the rears would still be spinning faster in the snow.

I was letting off the gas just in case whenever I got near a dry patch.

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I believe you still had a front wheel spinning you just didn't notice it.

As for damaging the car: you would brake a mount somewhere on the car before damaging the engine or transmission. Sudden torque change on old axles could do damage or escalate wear, but these cars are made tough.

I've manged to split the rear differential bushings, two transmission mounts and a pair of LCA bushings. All have been modified except the LCA bushings. I'm still working on that.
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