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Hey Guys,

Have been lurking around here for months prior to actually picking one up but finally ordered late July and picked up my 2013 Outback 2.5i Limited w/Nav just before the end of Aug.

- Totally love the CVT + FB25 motor. After 550 miles in a week I have to say I am happy we went with this motor. Never drove the 2012 so I can't compare but the CVT is very smooth, a little scratchy in low speed stop-n-go traffic but whatever - I am getting 27mpg on a 3500 lb. car with AWD.
- AWD rocks. I am pretty sure the stock Conti's aren't awesome but with AWD they sure seem awesome.
- Suspension is very good, especially when you consider how heavy and high the Outback is.

Cons/wants: (I knew about all the cons/wants prior to buying so they were no surprise. )
- The headlights are really good for halogens but I would pay more for factory HIDs. Once you go HID it is hard to go back. The halogens are still good enough that I won't upgrade them. Btw - to change the headlights you have to remove the tire. This is funny, not looking forward to it.
- I would love the side mirror to tilt on reverse for easier parallel parking.
- Where is auto-door lock at 7mph?
- The HK audio system doesn't sound premium at all. There is also quite a bit of hiss coming from the system - really noticeable when the engine is off.

In all we absolutely love this car. Unless this car somehow permanently stops working at 60,001 miles I am pretty sure Subaru is going to have me as a customer for a while. :) I also have to add that all the other Subaru owners I have met have been super nice people.

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Congrats, we are on our 6th and 7th subies and it sounds like you will be a customer for life like us. We are hoping to get our 8th within the year :-D. And the same here, all the other subie owners I have met through the years have been awesome. Keep an eye on them, they just might wave at ya for driving one ;-)
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