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I just bought a 1999 Outback wagon with 58,000 miles on it. The previous owner was a mechanic who got it from a customer because it had issues with the rear suspension and brakes having heavy rust damage, the repairs were more than he wanted to spend so the owner of the shop of the took it off his hands. He repaired the rear brake issues and replaced a lot of the rear suspension. He also put new plugs, wires, upper and lower radiator hoses, timing belt and serviced it. There is a fair bit of rust on the underbody and on the hitch, it has a little bit of a rough idle, a small oil leak but otherwise seems to run good. I have had it for a week, put 600 miles on it and she runs good. On a couple of occasions shifting from 3rd to 4th she would run long through the gear and hesitate to shift up. So far I have done the Sea Foam treatment in the fuel tank not the vacuum line, I added Lucas Oil stop slip to the tranny fluid and Lucas Oil engine oil stop leak to the engine. I thought I would see what all the experienced veteran Subaru owners could offer in terms of advice for a new fellow Subaru owner. Any advice, tips or information is appreciated!
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