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I finally got a little taste on how this OB performs offroad. I spotted a jeep near a canal going up an embankment, location is near US27 and Krome Hialeah. Anyways I got closer and decided to go for it.

Here's the video sorry for the shaky vision I wasn't expecting to film so I didn't bring a buddy or a mount.

The embankments had to be I'm guessing anywhere between 17°-25° The last one getting in was like 30° tho I wasn't confident enough to go backwards up there because just a few feet off and your in the canal.

@ 2:48 the newbness that I am to offroading for some reason I turned to the right and it **** near felt like the car was going to tilt over :eek: big mistake. But I think it was more to do with me never feeling off balance in a suv or truck before. Secondly my VDC was on as a result from the bad angle my tires spun and VDC kicked in big time. I rolled back and remembered to turn it off for the loose stuff. Straightened her up the best I can and made it up and out easily.

In some mud.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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