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Flat tire

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According to the owners manual you can not use fix-a-flat or like products as it will ruin the tire pressure sensor. I have always kept fix-a-flat in all my cars as a flat tire in the wrong place can be very dangerous both in where it happens and trying to fix it in traffic or bad weather. My wife and daughter have it as a safety product. I will keep a can just in case but probably not use it unless necessary. Question is, is there any "like" product that is safe to use with pressure sensors? Thanks.
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While some don't use FIX A FLAT because they say it makes it hard for tires to be patched since the area around the puncture needs to be cleaned down to the rubber plus it can gum up the schrader valve. Your decision - especially when you have an emergency.

However, the Fix-a-Flat Web site says that Fix-a-Flat is safe to use with a TPMS. Fix-a-Flat also says the tire can be cleaned with a rag and water before patching.

Or, call the Subaru road service line and let the pro decide to swap your spare or haul your car. Still, if you NEED to use Fix-a-Flat for what ever reason ....

Also, try googleing 'fix a flat and TMSP' for other products.
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