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Flat tire

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According to the owners manual you can not use fix-a-flat or like products as it will ruin the tire pressure sensor. I have always kept fix-a-flat in all my cars as a flat tire in the wrong place can be very dangerous both in where it happens and trying to fix it in traffic or bad weather. My wife and daughter have it as a safety product. I will keep a can just in case but probably not use it unless necessary. Question is, is there any "like" product that is safe to use with pressure sensors? Thanks.
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What's wrong with driving on a flat tire until you can find a safe place to put the spare on? There should never be a situation where changing a tire is dangerous. I can't count the number of times I've encountered drivers creating a hazard because they are stopped on the shoulder for a flat.
Being alive is worth the cost of a new tire.
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